Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m the Associate Editor at Little White Lies magazine and a freelance journalist focussing on popular culture.

I’ve written for The Guardian, BBC, GQ, Nylon, DAZED, SciFi Now, The Pool (RIP), EbertVoices, The Daily Telegraph, Den of Geek, DOG Magazine and Buzzfeed.  I am also a regular contributor to Picturehouse Recommends magazine. I’m always looking for new opportunities to write – in particular about film, television, mental health and pop culture.

In July 2019, I presented a talk at the British Film Institute entitled ‘The Memefication of Feminism’ about the intersection of film, feminism and internet culture. I have also hosted Q&As with filmmakers including Josephine Decker and Desiree Akhavan, and participated in panels for the BFI and Reclaim the Frame.

My voice can be heard on a regular basis over on the Truth & Movies podcast and BBC Radio,  and I have previously appeared on TalkRadio and the Curzon podcast. I’ve also appeared on BBC Breakfast commenting on recent news stories regarding cinema.

You can find a complete index of my published work via my Contently profile. I am currently writing a book of personal essays about film, which will be published in 2020.

I am available for freelance commissions and would love to hear from you!

Feel free to send me an email.